Welcome to the Host Response Laboratory

Cancer is a systemic disease. Using laboratory and clinical research, we investigate the connections between metabolism, endocrinology, and immunology to discover how the body’s response to a tumor can be used to improve treatment for patients with cancer.

We have shown that tumors can reprogram the host metabolism, induce a systemic endocrine stress response, and thereby suppress immunity systemically to a degree that is sufficient to cause failure of cancer immunotherapy. Our work, therefore, confirms that cancer cannot be understood and probably not be treated by investigating tumors in isolation. We use findings like these to develop strategies for interventional studies with the aim to improve outcome for patients with cancer.

Based on large scale clinical data sets and statistical modelling, we also develop models for patient physiology and organ function with the aim to stratify patients better and to understand when they would benefit from host-targeted treatment. To translate our work, we perform clinical studies and trials that combine host reprogramming with cancer immunotherapy.

Please look at our “Research” page to learn about specific work and contact us if you are interested in collaboration or in joining our team.